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Air travel, whether by private jet or commercial airline, has come to play a major role in our global world economy where corporations are manufacturing or producing in one part of the world and selling them in far-flung markets around the world. Our world has indeed become “a global village”, traversing, which has become essential for business success!

A quick means of flying around the globe by business jet makes all the difference in our highly competitive world economy of today. With the African global economy on the rise, we at Odengene Air value our presence in West Africa as an invaluable advantage for our teeming clients. And with our unmatched understanding of the region's air travel challenges, we are ultimately positioned to cater for our clients’ aircraft leasing needs. With our J/V partner, we have developed reliable and dependable flight services which meet OGP standards that cater for those desirous of high quality services in specialized areas of oil and gas and long range VIP travels.

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