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Aircraft leasing provides you the ability to enjoy your choice aircraft without having to purchase it completely. It helps you to retain your liquidity in your core business while enjoying the full benefit of an owner. We have been in aviation leasing industry over the past ten years and do understand all the challenges associated with cross border leases and can conveniently bring the lessor and the lessee to a very comfortable and reliable sphere where all are happy to deal.

Here are frequently asked questions about aircraft leasing or buying: What type of aircraft do I need? Where can I purchase a good one? How do I verify its technical conditions? Can the age be verified? Is it better for me/us to lease or purchase? Can we trust the seller or buyer? How do I/we ensure that the necessary papers are acquired promptly and are genuine?

 With our experience in aircraft sales spanning over two decades, we are well positioned to answer these nail-biting questions - and much more - as we guide you to your ideal choice of aircraft. For aircraft sales, lease and consultancy services you are welcome to Odengene Air

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